A proportion of projects never reach construction, or even consent stages. This is usually because an early cost check reveals that a realistic response to the developed brief exceeds the available budget. Other projects may be exercises prepared for other reasons, such as procuring funding, or my own involvement was small compared to the project as a whole, and the final form was developed by others. A few were competition projects.

Masterplans are also listed here, as the work is done to prepare a long term development strategy for a site, rather than result in a finished building or fit-out.

These projects still make up a significant part of the Helsing Kisby portfolio, and many contain valuable and highly specialized experience that my be applied to future work. Examples are feasibility studies or concept designs, even full detailed design, for the following projects;

Bio-containment (PC3) Laboratory fit-out – Feasibility study; NZ

Locomotive & rolling stock maintenance facility – Feasibility study; NZ.

Military aircraft maintenance facility – Concept design; NZ.

Military personnel accommodation – Detailed design; UK

ACG School – Masterplan; NZ

High School – Masterplan; Yap (FSM)

ACG School – Feasibility; Vietnam

UWC School – Feasibility; NZ

Heritage barn conversions – Concept design ; UK



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